I'm MichelleVan, and I live on Colorado State Hwy 115 and am concerned about our construction,
our fire danger, helicopters and the mountains I love
so I’ve created this site to help our 115 community communicate.
This site has no relationship with any government, city or state agency. Questions? Contact me!

Notes from 27 March 2014 Fire Meeting

May 7, 2014

Hello Residents and Neighbors: There was a very good turnout of people for this meeting! Chief Wright introduced Chief Silloway & Chief Orr, two of Ft. Carson Fire Chiefs and John Padgett, the El Paso County Fire Marshal, from the Sheriff’s Office, and Dave Root from the Colorado State Forest Service. Chief Wright showed a […]

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Helping Friends Who Lost Their Home

July 20, 2013
burnt house

With us living so close to the scene of the Black Forest Fire, I’d like to share some lessons I have learned on how to help friends who lost their homes. Be sensitive to the fact that they just lost their home. They are in shock; don’t expect much from them in terms of conversation […]

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Demand a State Wide Ban on All Fires

June 22, 2013
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Speak Up Its time we demand a state wide ban on all fires.  Some campgrounds and private lands statewide are still allowed to have fires within fire rings.  Some counties are still allowing outdoor smoking.  This is craziness. Lets ask for a complete and throughout ban throughout Colorado. This letter has gone out to some […]

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Emergency Evacuation List

June 19, 2013
Snippet of the emergency evacuation list

As of Monday night,  the El Paso County Sheriff’s office has downgraded many areas affected by the Black Forest Fire from mandatory evacuation to pre-evacuation and voluntary evacuation.  Indeed, this is good news for everyone affected, including those don’t who live so close to the scene of the disaster. Even with the recent rains (Thank […]

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On Black Forest Fire: We Need Firefighters

June 13, 2013
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Volunteer Firefighters Needed Northeast of Colorado Springs,  an unforgiving fire is wrecking havoc in Black Forest aided by gusty winds, low humidity, and dry fuel. I heard yesterday that our own Hwy115 firefighters have been volunteering. Thank you. We need all the firefighters we can get in Colorado…..  Three hundred and sixty homes have been destroyed […]

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Fire District Protection Passed

November 7, 2012
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The fire Protection passed for Hwy 115 with 79% of the vote.

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